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From 2010 to 2012 my husband and I were foster parents in Colorado.  Being adopted myself, it was important for me to try taking in another child before considering having my own.  There are too many children without parents in this world.   Fostering was a really positive experience, but a difficult thing to manage when we first started looking into it and getting licensed.  Here’s a blog I wrote about that experience.  Hopefully it helps someone who is thinking about doing it!


And here’s a photo of the cute little kid I’m talking about in the blog:





My belief in the “Law of Attraction” makes me who I am and is the driving force behind many of my behaviors and the way I live my life.  In this short video I share an experience I had with my first vision board.

Some books I recommend are: Ask and It is Given by Jerry and Ester Hicks and Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley.  Some good documentaries are What the Bleep Do We Know and The Secret.

I also recommend signing up for Mike Dooley’s notes from the Universe! I get them every Monday. Below is a sample of what the Universe might have to say to you.



Hula Hooping brought me more joy than I ever could have imagined when I discovered it back in 2008.  It was this video on youtube that inspired me:



There are thousands of videos on the internet like this one now… but back then there were just a few.  When I watched this video, I said to myself, “I want to learn how to do this, but it looks so hard.”  But then I discovered that this girl had made several “how to” videos as well.  Actually, a lot of other people did too.  Just type in “How to hula hoop” in the search field in YouTube and you’ll see!  I even found a tutorial online that taught me how to make my own hoop. Click here for that.  Although I’ve gone to two Hooppath workshops, I’ve learned mostly everything I know from those youtube videos and you can too!  There are tons and tons of resources here on as well.   I also recommend joining the free hooping online community Hoop City.  There are countless videos and hoopers to help you along.  You can even pay for online hooping classes.  They are great; I’ve taken a few myself!  Also, check out some of my videos here.



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