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Smoothie Map

l call this a smoothie map because it’s not really a recipe; I’m just showing you what I try to put in my daily breakfast smoothie.  I’m always meeting people who don’t know how to make a smoothie and it makes me very, very sad!  Follow along and add your own flare to it!



First of all, I want to point out that you do NOT need an expensive blender to do the trick.  OMG how does a Vitamix cost $400+??? I got this beast for $8 from a thrift store and I use it 4-5 times a day for smoothies, Shakeology (hence the delicious chocolatety powder you see) and soups.  It gets the job done.  Now, I wouldn’t mind if my husband bought me a higher quality blender for my birthday or something… or just because I’ve been making him a smoothie every morning for the past year and it would show that he appreciates me… but it’s not a necessity so don’t use it as an excuse not to get crackin’ on this super healthy treat!
Here’s what I put in my breakfast smoothie, more or less: (this is all I have for breakfast)
1. Any kind of green veggie and just enough that I don’t really taste it.  Spinach, kale, cucumber, cilantro, celery… basically whatever I have in the fridge, fresh or frozen.
2. One mushroom.  I read once that people who eat one raw mushroom a day lower their risk of cancer by 50%!  I don’t know if it’s true, but I just throw one in and don’t even taste it! :)
3. Flax meal, chia seed and hemp protein for added protein, fiber and fat; plus these all have loads of nutritional value, just google them!
4. Avocado (this makes it creamy and gives it lasting power as far as satiety and hunger go)
5. Ginger, turmeric, lemon juice (more superfoods!)
6. Just enough fruit to make it taste good!  I like to use frozen so I don’t have to use ice. Blueberries seem to have the most nutritional value from what I have heard so I usually use those.
6.  Water or coconut water
Look at all those speckles of health and nutrition just waiting to get absorbed into your body!
You don’t need to have all these indredients to make a smoothie and the amounts you put in are totally up to you.  Experiment!  All you really need is a green leafy vegetable, fruit and some water.  But the above items are things I try to stay stocked on so that my smoothie is PUMPED with nutrition, power and happiness!  Tip: I put the ingredients in a basket in the fridge so they are easy to pull out!
Put stuff in baskets and jars for easy access!
No I don’t put marinara sauce in my smoothies!!  I use old jars to store my chia seeds and flax since it makes them easier to store and pour.
Fresh is best, but I use a lot of frozen because it’s easier to keep stocked!  Well, have fun making smoothies.  Check here for a couple other things you can make in your blender (see #2,3 and 5).  Enjoy!


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    So going to try this!!

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