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Oahu Stilt Walker for Hire

Oahu Stilt Walker

Hey you down there!!  My name is Lealyn Poponi and I love to walk around on my 2 foot wood peg stilts!  I have a variety of costumes and can even whip up something special for your birthday party, fundraiser or promotional event!

Honolulu Night Market

I love to interact with guests and pose for pictures.  Kids really get a kick out of me and love that they can reach high enough to give me a high five and even hold my hand for a photo.

Honolulu Night Market, Kaka'ako

I love when I have a job while stilting.  Put me to work selling raffle tickets, passing out flyers/coupons/samples, posing for pictures or interviewing people!

Honolulu Night Market, Kaka'ako

My rates are $150 for the first hour and $100 for each additional hour.  I can do up to 4 hours with 10 minute breaks after every hour.  Contact me to learn more.  I am currently located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Mahalo!

(808) 421-8216

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