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How to modify P90X


Yes it’s THAT hard!  If you didn’t pass the P90X fit test or you’re confident that it’s probably too extreme of a workout, BUT your goal is to get there one day… I recommend either starting with Power 90 or Slim in 6 OR doing P90X with these modifications for the first month and taking the fit test again.  If you still don’t pass, do it this way for another month and so on.  You’ll get there!



1.  Please consult your health care practitioner.  P90X is an extreme fitness program and should only be attempted by healthy people.



2.  Plain and simply: Do not do the Plyometrics routine.  This workout puts the X in P90X.  Whenever this one comes up in rotation, do Cardio X instead.  Within the Cardio X routine there is about 10 minutes of Plyo within it, take it easy here!



3.  Do not do Yoga X. Too long and way too difficult for beginners.  It will make you hate yoga if you are really out of shape. Do X Stretch instead.



4.  The real money is in the strength workouts, so I recommend doing all of them as suggested.  However, do them with these recommendations:



  • Tony will frequently suggest that if it gets to be too much, to pause the DVD and take breaks.  I suggest that you take breaks for sure, but don’t pause the DVD.  The workouts are long enough and it will take forever to complete them if you keep pausing them.  Take a 5 minute breather whenever you feel you need one and just jump back in wherever they are in the routine.  Pretty soon you won’t need to do that any more.


  • If something seems too extreme, it probably is.  Tony will suggest different ways to make the workouts more challenging, like adding a leg raise or jump.  DON’T DO IT.   When he gives you permission and suggestions on how to make things easier, take his suggestions.  Don’t be a hero right off the bat.  Take your time, that will come later.  TRUST.


5.  During the rest/recover weeks, I do not recommend Core Synergistics or Yoga X. It’s absolutely nuts that these are part of the recovery week.  I suggest doing this sequence instead: Cardio X, X Stretch, Kenpo, X Stretch, Cardio X, X Stretch, Kenpo.



6.  If you feel so sore that you can barely walk or lift your arms over your head, do not do a strength workout that works whatever muscles are hurting.  Do X Stretch instead and then do whatever routine you were supposed to do tomorrow.  It can wait.



7.  Take the Results and Recovery drink after every strength workout and even consider taking it after every cardio workout.  You need all the help you can get nutritionally, for the energy and it really helps with the soreness.  This is tough stuff and even the fittest people drink this stuff because it works.  It worked for me too.  Plus it’s delicious and sometimes a motivator to workout.  I made mine with coconut water.



8.  Eat clean.  No nasty junk.  You need energy from healthy foods and losing weight from eating right will make the workouts easier.   Beachbody has a great online tool for following their nutrition plan.



9. Besides all these recommendations, follow the plan as outlined in the fitness guide.  All of the workouts I suggested above are included with P90X.  You will be surprised at how far you will come in 30 days and passing that fit test will feel so rewarding!!

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