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How I Found the Mysterious Hawaiian Mermaid Caves

There are so many magical gems to discover on the island of Oahu!  I had heard the mermaid caves mentioned a few times over the course of three years before I finally decided to go visit them.  I’m pretty unfamiliar with the west side of the island and usually only head over that way to visit Makua Beach.  I started asking around and it seemed that a lot of people had heard of the caves, but hadn’t actually been there.  The only clue I had was that they were across the street from McDonalds.  There are two McDonalds on that side so I figured they would be easy to locate.  I set out with my mermaid-loving friends Davey and Ali to see if we could find them and on our journey we discovered something awesome… the Leeward Coast of Oahu!!

Is this it Searching

Here we are across the street from one of the McDonalds.  We looked long and hard, but no caves and no mermaids. What a beautiful beach that I never would have known was here! You can’t see this from the street, so I’m glad we got out and explored!

Ku'iliooa Heiau

So cool!  At our second stop we didn’t find the mermaid caves, but instead discovered a small peninsula with a Heiau (ancient Hawaiian temple) at the end!  I later learned that this might have been a place of refuge, where  violators of Hawaiian law (kapu) could remain in safety while less violent and permanent punishments could be negotiated.

Pok'ai Beach Park

Next to the Ku’ilioloa Heiau was this beautiful bay so we jumped in to cool off.  The water was so clear it looked like the boats were floating!

Pristine water

The water here was just so magically pristine! It seemed like a place mermaids would hang out, but no such luck.

bay of dreams

The bay was called Pok’ai Bay, but nicknamed Bay of Dreams.  I can see why, but I wish it was a dream about mermaids!

Tacos and More

We were a few hours into our adventure and getting hungry, so we stopped at Tacos and More to grab some ono grinds.  We asked the server there to tell us how to find the Mermaid Caves and they said they had never heard of them.  We were starting to wonder if the resident mermaids of the caves make you promise not to tell anyone about them!  Good food here!

Found it

When we pulled into the parking lot of this beach, we asked a couple of keiki (kids) if they knew about the caves and they said to walk south toward those palm trees. We were hopeful!

Going down

Ali discovered a puka (hole) in the ground! We heard voices down there, so we crawled down inside.  When I pictured the caves, I didn’t expect this!  It was so exciting.

heart shaped puka

Wow! This puka is shaped like a heart!  We LOVE the mermaid caves!

Yay we found the caves

That’s me, totally blissing out on our day.  It was frustrating at first, but I’m so glad we didn’t know where the caves were at.  The leeward coast is amazing and totally underrated.  I suggest you go on a mermaid cave mission yourself.  I’d tell you where they are, but the mermaids made me promise to keep the secret!  Aloha and thanks for reading!

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