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Be Profitable While Staying Committed to Your Goals

It’s not about the money. Becoming someone who has the ability to be profitable in any economy no matter what will deliver you from stress to peace.

It’s the becoming part of that process that will equip you to restore relationships, build a professional life, have a better personal life, give more to a cause that your heart bleeds for, gain more FREEDOM, and overall live an exceptionally good life. You will NOT learn how to make money at the expense of your personal life in any of my trainings.

I’m doing this 30 days to profit Group on Facebook (a private group) with all kinds of different people and experiences to draw from. We are supporting each other in getting healthy and learning how to work Less Hours while creating more money so we have more time to enjoy life outside of work. My coach and mentor retired himself from the job racket in Feb. of 2010 at age 32 after he created his first six figures on social media for free in less than an hour a day. He reverse engineered how he did it so that he could teach myself and others to do it in less than an hour a day, too. I am learning so much from these profit groups, making money and staying committed to my health because of my coach. I invite you to join me in this fantastic journey as well.

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  1. I just read your article about giving your husband permission to divorce and I am inspired by your bravery. I am in the process of trying to build a self sustaining phototography business so I can walk away From my full time service job. I feel stuck in between and really need to figure out how to make the transition to a free life.

    • Lealyn says:

      Thank you love. Best of luck to you. All we can hope for sometimes is clarity to make the right decision. I hope you choose love over fear.

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